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Colourful characters

100+ types. 300+ variants. 53,000+ words. Available only at the Inn currently.

Over a 100 possibilities

There are 10 archetypes, 100+ sub types that should fuel the imagination for when you inevitably get the question, "So, who's in the room?" Hit the reroll button if the character doesn't fit this situation or your group.


Need more of a steer?

The expanded description adds more flavour to the character descriptions with the seeds of side quests or even the start of a campaign hook thrown in as seasoning! If you need to, you can hide or save the character you're currently viewing on this screen.


Aargh! My eyes!

Turn off cursive fonts in the settings screen if flowing script is not your thing! Yes, Bryce Lynch of, I'm thinking of you! Pictured is the tablet view of an expanded character, hence the extra width compared to the phone screens above.

Cursive or non-cursive?
Colourful characters: Project
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