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Intriguing events

50+ events. 150+ variants. 53,000+ words. Currently only available at the Inn.

Forget bar room brawls!

Truth be told my players like bar room brawls but it's nice to add some variety to knuckle sandwiches and broken noses! There are over 50 events that are developed into 150 variants that, together with the character portrayals, make up over 53,000 words of content! The events are normally described in more words than the character entries so you may see a page 2 button come up here more than you would see it there. Just tap it to move to the final page after scrolling through the page 1 content.


Don't forget bar room brawls!

Like the character screens, you can save content for later and even hide it if you've already run the event. See the save section of this website for more on saves. See the settings section for how to restore or ignore hidden content. Also shown here is the non cursive font that some users may prefer. Finally, as seen before, hit the reroll button to fetch another random event if the current one doesn't fit your campaign or group. We'll be aiming to expand the event content in the first full update so don't be shy in hitting the reroll button!

Intriguing events: Project
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