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RPG Encounter Companion

Names, Characters and Events

The party are going to end up travelling, wandering through a city, stopping off at a secluded hamlet, maybe stay at the inn or tavern. But what's the place called? Who's there? What's their story? What's going to happen that day, evening, during the night or the morning after? The RPG Encounter Companion can help answer those questions by seeding ideas for hours of tabletop fun. These seeds can be further expanded into plot hooks, intriguing events and colourful characters in the unlocked version of the app. The content is system agnostic so can be used with Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Warhammer, Runequest and so on. Click on the pictures below for more detail.

RPG Encounter Companion: Project
Many characters to encounter.
Expanded descriptions.
City Encounter.jpg
City Market.jpg

Points of interest

Places and points of interest can be generated to quickly get a picture of what is near the players. There are over 18,000 variants for city locales for example.

Random Encounter tables

Traditional encounter tables are also present for the City, Hamlet (tba) and Travel (tba) parts of this application. These include a distance to the encounter should you want to work out how pressing the encounter is.


Yup, there are over 2 x 10^18 NPC variants in the City section. There are 11 billion first names alone! Try it out. You may get a repeated second name (only 1500 of those) but it is unlikely you will see the same first or district name. More second names is high on our development list by the way!


Submit your own content

Want to share your own creativity? Submit a character or event description and we'll add it to a future update. If you give us your preferred contact method we'll put it with the content. Don't worry we won't use it to contact you with marketing rubbish!

Save for later

Seen a character or event you really like? Save it for later. Got a session coming up that you know will be set in an inn? Save a few events and characters to refer to round the table.

Myriad names

All for free. Over 2 quintillion NPCs, nearly a million street and district/hamlet names and over 70,000 inn/tavern names are available on the roll of a dice so don't worry about having to make one up on the spot!

Intriguing events

Not another bar room brawl! Well, we have a couple, but there are over another 50 events that are developed into 150 variants that, together with the character portrayals, make up over 53,000 words of content!

Colourful characters

Never be stuck for a tavern inhabitant again. Over 100 character types are expanded into 300 descriptions spanning thousands of words.

Clean interface

Access the main encounter areas from the front screen. The Inn is complete and the City is in development though content is already available. The main screen is uncomplicated and thus simple to use. It can be accessed by a simple button push from the majority of screens.

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