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Save for later

Plan for the next session.

Bookmark your favourites.

Seen a character or event you really like? Save it for later. Got a session coming up that you know will be set in an inn? Save a few events and characters to refer to round the table. You can even put selected events and characters in together to form an encounter plan (see below).


Scroll through your saves.

As you save content it will be added to this list. I've got a cap of 10 events and 10 characters at the moment but am open to changing that as the code is scalable. I just didn't want some chancer bookmarking all our content, screen grabbing it all and then illegally distributing it but realise that may be just my paranoia (ah, what a great game that was!). Oh, just tap on the entry you want to view in more detail.


Retrieve what you need.

Tapping on the list of content brings up the entry in detail. You can scroll through it and, if needed, move to page 2 via the handy button. You may also hide the entry if you don't want it coming up in general rolls for events and characters. Finally, if you want to clear down the content you have saved, then push the "Don't save" button to remove it from your list.


Encounter plan

As mentioned above you can save characters and events into a different list to act as an encounter plan for a later session. Click on any entry to view it or change its orders in the list. In future, I'd like to be able to launch this list as a viewable file so you can print it but due to file systems being different on different devices it's actually quite tricky to do. I'll get it done eventually but don't hold your breath!

Save for later: Project
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