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Main Menu Screens

The central hub

The start screen is the hub from which to tap to which area you need some quick inspiration from. The Inn has already been developed. The City has a number of name generators available but the characters, encounters and places is still in development. Watch our dev blog for more details.


Inn control

The main screen for the inn area is uncomplicated and thus simple to use. Characters, events, tavern names, submissions and saved content can all be launched from here. The settings can be accessed via the cog and if you want to know a bit about us then click on the logo. The credit button attributes the awesome Kevin Macleod ( for the theme music and the author of the soundscape from a Welsh pub. Remember all he had was that spoon! (If you listen to the audio long enough you'll know what I mean!)


City menu screen

The City is currently under development but you will still find 2 quintillion NPC variants and nearly 1 million street and district names. We're working on places, characters and events at the moment. See our dev blog on for up to date news.



Set your volume and font size with the sliders and if you're not a fan of cursive fonts then changed to non cursive here. If you've hidden content but want to ignore that then choose the "Display hidden hooks" option and uncheck when you're done. If you want to disable or enable the confirmation check when you hide an item then select that option here too. Press the "Restore hidden" to bring back all the content you have hidden. If you've previously unlocked content and want to restore that then tap "Restore Unlock".


Bug report

We think we got them all but maybe you've spotted a bug. Let us know with a bug report please! You can access this from the bottom of the settings screen above. You can also just send us an email at

Central Interface: Project
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