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Myriad possibilities

Quintillions of names and all for free!

What is a quintillion?

Well have over 2 of them when it comes to NPC variants! There are 11 billion first names, 1572 second names and nearly 350k areas of origin. That makes 2 quintillion, 117 quadrillion, 699 trillion, 299 billion and 548 million variations. This number will only go up as second names needs to be in the tens/hundreds of thousands so it's on our to do list.


Where are they from?

Never be stuck for a city region again. There are over 635k street names and almost 350k city districts. We're gonna cheat and also use the districts as hamlet names when we work on that part of the app so feel free to use now! And, free is the word. All our name generators are free.


Is it a plethora or myriad?

Over 70,000 inn/tavern names are available on the roll of a dice so don't worry about having to make one up on the spot! This is one of Vicky and I's favourite parts of the app. I wish some of these were our local!

Myriad names: Project
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